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Welcome to Cheap Dinner Ideas. The reason I decided to start the Cheap Dinner Ideas site is because I have always had a passion for food oh and when I was younger I had busy working parents and dinner usually consisted of something soggy and overcooked out of a pressure cooker. There were so many foods later in life that I liked once they were cooked properly. We do have a book of hand written recipes but my writing is so bad that I cannot read it the next time I come to cook it, if I cant read it then no one else will. The best recipes from the book will be transferred into the digital realm




Cheap: because we’re all looking to save money in today’s world and I don’t think it matters what the economy is doing we all love a bargain and a good deal. We (the wife and I) also go out to car boot sales and Antique/ Brick a Brack shops as well to pick up cheap items for the kitchen. Only the other day we picked up 6 espresso cups and saucers for £2.50, absolute bargain. We might not get much chance to sit back and relax on a Sunday morning with a nice cup of coffee and read the papers, we have 3 kids, Lily aged 7 and TWINS yes 2 of them aged 3, Olivia and Jake, so life is hectic and we like cheap (the kids soak up the spare money). Dinner: Well we all have dinner don’t we, unless you are really posh and have Dinner, Tea and Supper. Nope no formalities here  dinner will do as the food is the important bits. Ideas: well ideas because that’s how most of my recipes come about, just an idea when I am out and about shopping and I see something nice and I think hmmm I know I will get this, that and that and make this. Hey it doesn’t always work I have had disasters in the past and I have been banned from the kitchen for weeks at a time as the wife says the kids need food , food they can eat. Also if we cook something that all the kids eat we will post that as well. RANT Cheap Dinner Ideas the name came about because it was cheap, I tried for lots of other names and there were lots for sale but starting at over £600 and that isn’t cheap is it ? Mine on the other hand is cheap, very cheap under a tenner a steal if there ever was one.



I have had no formal training in cookery but I have been lucky to work in a small professional kitchen some weekends for nearly a year. The deal was I did all the donkey work prepping the food (the glamorous ones gutting then filleting fish)for the evening and if Nick (Chef and Owner) then got the time before cooking he would then show me the finer points of being a chef. The place where I worked was Buckinghams in Chesterfield. This place was very different as in it only had one table that seated 8 people (10 at a push) The menus were Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum all ascending in cost. There were at least 4 course and sometimes up to 8 course depending on the night. What happened in Buckinghams is that they would ring the guest a few days before and ask them what they DID NOT like to eat and any special dietary requirements. Nick would then go to the market on that day and buy all the freshest produce. The butcher and the fishmonger would arrive early afternoon and Nick would choose what would complement what he already had. The menu was never the same, always a delight and an inspiration. I guess this is where my adaptability has come from by making use of what’s available at the time



My wife and I have both been quite lucky in eating out as we both worked in the Casino Industry (Yes that’s where we met and fell in love) The Casinos of the UK have some great restaurants with great food and I do cover some on my other blog. I was in the supply business so I got to take a lot of customers to different places to eat, I have eaten in some very expensive and posh places but that doesn’t mean that the food is any good believe me, I have even had a kebab in the middle of the night in London and that was delicious. We do not get out to eat very much at all now (The Kids) but when we do we will give our honest opinion on the food, the wine and the level of service we get. So our food experience has been far and wide with a great variety. Did I mention the wife is Scottish so we have a little regional influence in our cooking as well, Alison (The Wife) has worked a little behind bars (no not prison) so she makes the occasional cocktail or two so we will share the recipies and the cheap alternatives that are out there as well.



I will mainly be using my IPhone 6 to take a lot of the pictures on the go, its quick its easy and in real time for the real food. Occasionally when the house is calm (kids out) I will be using my very old Nikon digital SLR to take some pictures as well. Or what I have to hand so apologies if the quality isn’t great



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