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Recipes Using Gochujang Paste

Ok I understand that some of you may have never heard of gochujang paste and no idea what it actually is. It is a spicy fermented Korean chilli paste. What is gochujang? What is it made of? Gochujang is a deep red, smooth and spicy paste popular in Korean cuisine. A staple condiment, it’s made … Read more

Char Siu Minced Pork Recipe

I just fancied some Char Siu pork the other day whilst pondering what to make one night. I was in the supermarket when the pang hit me, at this point I had never made any Char Siu ever before. If you read my recipes regular you will know that I am always looking for a … Read more

Chinese cooking equipment

Chinese Cooking Equipment

Every cooking cuisine has its own cooking equipment particular to them and Chinese cooking is no different. The cooking equipment can be used for other cuisines but makes the food more authentic in taste and presentation. What Essential Items Do You Need For Chinese Cooking This is a list of basic equipment that you would … Read more

ingredients for Chinese cooking

Essential Ingredients for Chinese Cooking

If you’re looking to get into Chinese cooking, chances are you won’t have all the necessary ingredients in your cupboards. Fundamentally, most Chinese dishes are made up of or utilise a few basic ingredients. Some of which you may have in your home already, some which you may not. Chinese Resources Traditional Chinese peasant recipes … Read more

cooking methods used for Chinese food

Cooking Methods Used To Make Chinese Cusine

Chinese cuisine is well-loved across the world and is bursting with delicious food, from noodles and rice to spring rolls and dumplings. As the food is so varied, there are numerous cooking methods used. In this post from cheap dinner ideas, we take a look at the range of cooking methods used to create Chinese … Read more

The Best Speciality Coffee Taste Ever

Can you imagine your morning without a fresh cup of coffee? If not, you must be a passionate lover of this beverage. In case you consider yourself an avid drinker, you have probably heard the term speciality coffee, which is usually interpreted as expensive and fancy. Nevertheless, it refers to products that obtain the highest … Read more

cooking as a singleton

Quick Cheap Dinner Ideas For Single People

Only because you live on your own there is no excuse for picking up ready meals and bunging therm in the oven or the microwave. It doesn’t have to take up lots of time for effort to make something tasty and nourishing. Tasty good food can be cooked in less time than you think, you … Read more

eating vac packed mussels

How to Cook Vacuum Packed Mussels

Cooking with vacuum packed mussels is so easy and quick, its a great recipe for one person. They come ready flavoured, such as white wine and garlic, just garlic butter or just white wine. However, even though they come pre-flavoured you can pack so much more flavour into them. You could just toss them into … Read more

Camembert baked with toppings

Baked Camembert and Toppings

Baked camembert with toppings, a thing of great beauty, or at least it is if you love cheese as much as I do! This molten, cheesy loveliness, makes a great sharing starter for four or a simple rustic dinner for two. What I love about this dish is how quickly it can be cooked and … Read more

sweets without sugar

Why Eating Sugar-Free Sweets Is a Good Choice

The most available sweets all over the world are candies made of sugar. At the mention of the word sweets, the first thing that will ring in many people’s minds is sugar. However, sweets made of sugar are the lion’s share; there are various candies that are not made with caramel. There is a section … Read more