Factors to Consider When Buying a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

If you are planning to own a wine collection or you already do, then it is important to store them properly. Wine requires certain conditions that will ensure the quality and taste are preserved. Many wine collectors have cellars or cabinets for keeping their wine, but not all own a cooling unit. No matter how … Read more

spicy noodle duck broth

Recipes Using Gochujang Paste

Ok I understand that some of you may have never heard of gochujang paste and no idea what it actually is. It is a spicy fermented Korean chilli paste. What is gochujang? What is it made of? Gochujang is a deep red, smooth and spicy paste popular in Korean cuisine. A staple condiment, it’s made … Read more

skewered kidney

Kidneys, The Most Underrated Ingredient

Which  Kidneys Are Best for Cooking It depends on what type of dish you are cooking, for quick cook  recipes you would choose the most tenderest of the kidney’s. Just the same way as when you are cooking steak for example. The most tender cut is the fillet steak that needs a quick short sharp … Read more

shakshuka for one

A Very British Shakshuka Recipe

Despite Shakshuka being as old as the hills I have only recently discovered the delights and comfort its brings. It is a simple dish that is served all over the world butt they think it is a Tunisian dish in origin. Food and its history will always be disputed because man has always eaten food … Read more

Essential Tools for A New Kitchen

Are you about moving into a new apartment or your own home? Perhaps you will be living alone for the very first time and you need to equip your kitchen. Or your current gear needs a facelift since it has been in use for many years. Because there are many kitchen tools that are considered … Read more

the ultimate chilli dog

Chilli Dog With Cheese Taken To The Next Level

I am not sure how it happened exactly but I was in the supermarket and I was craving a chilli dog. The strange things is that I have never really had a chilli dog before but I wanted one. Perhaps its from watching to many American films with the kids that planted the chilli dog … Read more

Crispy Korean Pulled Pork

Spicy Korean Shredded Sticky Pork Tacos

This Korean inspired spicy pork dish was inspired from watching too much Dinners, Dives and Drive ins. It was the mixes of spices they were using for BBQ and the vinegar based marinade and spices. So I just started playing with flavours and then I stumbled across this little combination. The great thing is that … Read more