Chefs Guest Post

Chefs Guest Post

Are you a professional chef who has created some great recipes but have now where to post them? Either because you don’t have your own website just yet. Or simply that you don’t have the time to get your own website. It is difficult to work as a professional chef all those long hours and then to try and build your own.

You could always pay someone to build your own website but they don’t come that cheap. Well they can be cheap but often the results are not very good. Yes I built this one and t is pretty basic because I am no designer and am busy looking after other peoples sites earning a crust. My day job involves me as an SEO freelancer getting other peoples sites found. Thats why I usually don’t have the time to put my recipes on.

Will The Recipe Still Be Mine

The recipe will always be yours and if you ever do get your own website I will direct to your website. Early on in my blogging I was desperate to get some links to my site to boost exposure. I submitted a recipe to the allrecipes and being a newby and green behind the ears I posted all the ingredients and method. What a big mistake and now I cant even log into the site any more to take it down or at least remove some of the method. So I loose a Lott of traffic to them.

It still is one of my best performing post my kebab shop salad and sometimes I rank number 1 but still its a little annoying. Especially as I posted it on my site first you would think Google would rank me top. At times I have to also compete against Pinterest for this recipe as well. At one point the 3 recipes posts at the top of the results were all my pins. However 1 pin was for the German Pintrest, one for Italy and the the UK one. So that pushed my recipe down even further down the page.

How Will I Direct The Recipe Back To You

First of all I will link from the recipe at the top of the page directly to your new site. Secondly I use the Yoast plugin for SEO, thats where I have also trained for my SEO courses. With the plugin there is an easy option to put a canonical URL n the recipe pointing it back to your site as well.

Yoast Canonical URL Settings

This tell google that you don’t want to be credited for this recipe, or even indexed but this UL should be the one ranking. This way you will get all the credit and rankings for the recipe, thats if you are lucky enough to get it rank well on google. So it will be forever yours. Also your bio will be under the recipe with your picture so it will be yours. For those that are comfortable with WordPress I will let you login and upload your own recipes.

Why Should I post On Your Site Whats In It For Me

Well its somewhere to start getting exposure for your work. If you are tweeting out your recipes then after a short time they just fall off the twitter feed. If you post them on Facebook its not long before they are gone again. It’s the same on Instagram, yes they are there on your profile but they are not in the insta feed so people won’t see them. If your recipe does well it could be seen by thousands of people giving you exposure. You can also pick my brains about SEO.

What do I get from it ? well, 2 things really, I get some content on my neglected site. Secondly I do like helping people in the digital space. I know that not everyone is technically gifted and would not know where to start to start a website. People are always busy and also they don’t won’t to invest money into a hobby where you just post an occasional recipe. I have helped Gary Guiney with a post on here too get exposure for his recipe book. He created the book to help raise money for the front line workers during Covid-19.

Who Can Do Guest Post Recipes

If your are a professional Chef, budding Chef or just a home cook you can post your guest recipes. They have to be your creations with your photos as well. I don’t want anyone using random images and getting not trouble with copyright.

Will The Guest Post Recipe Have Any Chance Of Ranking

Unfortunately there is no definitive answer to that, my site does get traffic anyway so there is a chance of exposure anyway. Unlike the big sites with celebrities they just write a recipe and it ranks because of who they are. They could write a recipe for a turd roll and google would pick it up. The infamous have to write a good description around the recipes as well, how to’s the benefits of this and that. Along with alternatives and perhaps a story behind the recipe, is it a family recipe, something you have developed from etc.

I have written a post on how to cook mussels that took me weeks and its around 3,500 words covering absolutely everything. It gets a few views but nothing like I expected, I was sure it was going to do well but its around position 30 for the same search term. My kebab shop salad I just wrote so I would not forget the combination of ingredients that worked well. I am terrible for doing one off recipes and not making them as good the next time. Anyway the kebab shop salad has had nearly 25,000 views in the last 12 months

Google Search Console Screenshot

Thats a crazy amount of views for a single recipe , well it is for me. Especially as I just wrote it without any intention of ranking for it. Sometimes its just hit and miss with what ranks well and what doesn’t, if you want it to rank you have to write about something people are actually searching for. I use Neil Patels search tool, it does give you a free option as well.

How Many Guest Post Recipes Can I Publish

You can publish 1 or as many as you like, as you post more recipes then you author profile will build up. Al your recipes will appear under your profile. So its entirely up to you when, and how many recipes you want to post over time.

A Guest Post Recipe

So there it is, email me, tweet me lets get your recipe out there and get you some exposure.