Gary Guiney- The Chef Helping The Front-line Workers

Gary Guiney- The Chef Helping The Front-line Workers

My name is Gary Guiney & I have been cooking for over 20 years. My passion for cooking began when most kids my age were out playing cribby or playing knock the doors and run-away (don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed that too – I was always hard to catch!). For me, I spent a lot of my time in front of the tv, watching the great chefs – Keith Floyd, Gary Rhodes, Marco Pierre White – or reading cookbooks that my dad owned. I just always had an interest & was always asking questions like – How is this made? How is that made? What’s in this? Can I try that? Would this herb work with this sauce?

Nhs Rainbow by the Guiney Kids

Well, there are a lot of superheroes on the frontline each & every single day. The NHS is fighting against the rising odds, not armed with weapons or shields, but with faith & sheer determination. They are screaming that this is one fight they will not lose. But, they can’t do it alone.

The Cook Book, Food To Wolf Down

I have produced a cookbook and it is my​ way of trying to make just a little bit of difference. The aim of the book is to at least give the frontline workers help towards that PPE gear so they are going into that fight, maybe not with the weapons they need, but the shields to help protect them.

First of all when compiling a cookbook, the first question you ask yourself is ‘Where do I Start?’ Simple! You start by remembering when you first started cooking and why?.

Back in my early college years while training to be a chef, I spent the week studying and on weekends, I volunteered peeling potatoes and chopping veg for soups and stews at a local hostel. I have always wanted to at least try to make a difference to someone’s life, even the smallest gesture can make a huge difference to someone’s life.

And as you know, this is why I have decided to do this cookbook. To help others at home who are interested in cooking, to pass on tips, to share some of my recipes and hopefully raise some money for the Nhs.

What Is In The Cook Book

Well it is a diverse mixture of everything and I hope there is something in the recipe book for everyone. Having cooked for so many years your head becomes filled with recipe. I went with a few that are tasty, and a lot that are personal and filled with memories along with family favourites.

Something a Little Different

Vietnamese Hot & Sour Soup

As it’s a hot and sour soup you want that little bit of tangy taste followed by that little kick of heat. Too sour -add a bit more sugar, not enough heat – add chilli flakes or fresh chilli. Everyone’s taste is different. I wouldn’t recommend using any added salt at all, as you are getting that from the soy sauce and stock.

A Healthy Alternative

Beetroot, Orange & Red Chilli Salad

This is such a quick and simple salad. Perfect for those warm days. You can add chopped mint to it or crumble in some Feta cheese.

Go Nuts!!

Crowd Pleaser For The Kids


This is a very quick and simple way for you and the kids to have fun. This pizza can be made with any topping you like from your basic Margherita pizza to the pizza debate ‘Pineapple on pizza??’.

I hope that giving you a little teaser it will be enough to tempt you to buy the recipe book so in turn I can help the NHS and the frontline workers

Have that belief in yourself that you can do this. In this book I have tried to avoid using all ‘cheffy’ terms and to share with you what I do and how I do it.

So grab yourself a blank book, a pen and create your own book of memories.

Again, thank y​ ou​ so much for the support and good luck with the recipes. Feel free to reach out to me with your dishes. I would love to see how you have got on.

Stay Safe and who knows, maybe I will see you in another book.

Did you know that good nutrition can help with Anxiety