Travels to France Normandy in Search of all Things French

Travels to France Normandy in Search of all Things French

Travels to France Normandy

Its the summer holiday time, time to dig into that drawer with all the junk inside it because that’s where you think you put the passports safe last year. Well its in one of the safe drawers below the hair bangles, the numerous cheap plastic free toys from all the major fast food joints, and why is there always batteries in there beside the coppers, drawing pins, needles bits of note paper and receipts from years ago.  This year we decided to travel to France, Normandy to be precise, were were influenced by friends who have been there often and said how great it is and also we have extend family out there who have a Gite so foreign adventures it was.

La Vaquerie
La Vaquerie

Travels to France Normandy The Costs

Unfortunately we were only able to book one week  at the Gite because they are fully booked for the year so as I had originally booked 2 weeks off work so we thought we could spend the second week down in Cornwall as we do like it a lot down there. That is until we looked at the prices to stop in the UK, yes its the 6 weeks holiday from school and the prices go from expensive to criminally expensive. We need something to sleep 6 people, there is us and our 3 kids and were are taking my mum, I thought it would be nice to bring her along as she doesn’t  get out much (apart from her 2 ,6 week trips to Spain to see her old mate who lives out there, Then the Sunday walking club, the Tai Chi club, the gym and a few others things as well, actually she is never in and not much cop as a babysitter) So yes in truth we have here for 2 weeks and believe me she will dong some babysitting, Mum is not aware of this at the moment but when we get to France she will be (unless she happens to read this first)  I digress, the cost of holidays in the UK, so we tried other options of accommodation in the UK for the 6 of us and it was still no go, not at the prices they were wanting. Then it hit us like a wet fish in the face, we are already in France so why not look at other accommodation there.  So the search started and it wasn’t long before we happened across another charming place in France . A very nice farmhouse very close to the sea, sleeps 6 plus and it was half the price of a caravan in the UK. The total cost of staying in the 2 properties and the ferry crossing compared to 2 weeks in the UK an absolute bargain indeed.

Travels to France Normandy Food & Drink

As we have booked Gites/Farmhouse it will mostly be self catering but I like to cook so its not a problem and ideally I want to go to the local markets, practice my poor command of the French language (I promise not to shout louder to try and make them understand) and buy all the local produce, I want the kids to try as much as possible (apart from the frogs legs and snails, yes I know it tastes like garlic chicken but im sure it will scar the children for years to come). So do expect to have lots of tweets, Instagram and FB updates of things we do and eat along the way

The first location we will be stopping is La Vaquerie, St Jacques de Nehou

La Vaquerie
La Vaquerie

If you want to book this fabulous place (yes I am bigging it up already in the hope of family discount, Only kidding David) Just take a look on their site as it does look stunning. Check out their FB page 

Our 400 year old farm house was purchased in the autumn of 2004 and has been lovingly renovated and the gite now comprises of a stunning living/dining room filled with original beams, exposed stone walls,a large dining kitchen, an impressive master bedroom with ensuite and 2 further bedrooms along with a main bathroom.

This is week one so we have planned all the places we want to visit whilst mum is babysitting and then planned week 2 places to visit as its a little further down the region of Normandy

The second location is St-Germain-sur-Ay

Located about a 40 minute drive from the first location, again another stunning looking property and very reasonably priced

property 2

This holiday property is located close to the harbour town of St-Germain-sur-Ay with its salt marshes and peaceful grazing sheep. It is part of a 19th century farmhouse, which has been fully renovated for comfort but it still retains some original features.

On the second week we hope to visit Mount St Michael among other places of course and yes we will take the kids and the baby sitter, err I mean mum. Hopefully we will time it right and the tide is out and we can walk over there and we all get safely back to the mainland

st mikes mount

Travels to France Normandy The Sailing 

We decided that we would sail from Poole over to Cherbourg in the hope that its a little less busy and because its the first time the kids have been on such a big boat we are hoping it adds to the adventure, The crossing last about 5 hours so plenty of time to get on get settled in to wave goodbye to England and then wave hello, or should I say Bonjour Le France’ in my accent (which at times slips rate into broad Derbyshire with a little bit of a Yorkshire twang added to make me sound even more common). All the kids are excited about the ferry, the eldest watched the video all about the boat, Blue twin wanted to know how many cars could fit in the boat. The Pink twin has a constant theme through out here life, well all her waking hours actually, Food and eating times, I shouldn’t have been surprised or even a little shocked when I asked her if she was excited about going on the boat and what questions did she have. Her response was “do they have food on the boat” Yes I replied and was about to prompt her for more but that was it, the promise of food through the various stages of the journey she was happy and off to play outside. We are driving through the night to get the first ferry Saturday morning and im sure that as soon as Pink twin wakes up the first words from here mouth will be “is there anything to eat yet”

So the adventure begins and I will try to flood as many people as possible with pictures and posts