black pudding and Guinness bread

Black Pudding And Guinness Bread

Black Pudding And Guinness Bread Yes it does sound a little unusual at first. But the deep bitterness of  taste of the black pudding firm to the tooth  with the contrasting soft supple bread dough is sublime. If you then add to it the yeasty Guinness with flavours of burnt of malted barley then you … Read more

Homemade Naan Bread

Homemade Naan Bread Yoghurt Garlic Coriander

Homemade Naan Bread Bread again I know, but the simple dough is so versatile and a quick comfort food. The homemade naan bread is no more difficult than basic bread recipe.  Wait a minute, I know not everyone has a tandoori oven in the kitchen or the back yard but that should not stop you.  … Read more

Artisan Bread

How To Make Artisan Bread

How To Make Artisan Bread Bread, everyone should bake their own bread at least once in a  lifetime. Seriously, monthly at the minimum if you want to feed the soul. There is no better aroma that creeps from your oven doors to fill your nostrils with delight. I make some form of bread dough at … Read more