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ham & roasted squash soup with fresh chilli

This recipe is a little different because I got this from someone who I follow on Twitter. She is always posting fab recipes and goes to great effort to include the method and costs involved. So I thought that would be perfect on Cheap Diner Ideas, recipes with costs. Jess Rocks Jess is from Wales … Read more

Camembert baked with toppings

Baked Camembert and Toppings

Baked camembert with toppings, a thing of great beauty, or at least it is if you love cheese as much as I do! This molten, cheesy loveliness, makes a great sharing starter for four or a simple rustic dinner for two. What I love about this dish is how quickly it can be cooked and … Read more

the ultimate chilli dog

Chilli Dog With Cheese Taken To The Next Level

I am not sure how it happened exactly but I was in the supermarket and I was craving a chilli dog. The strange things is that I have never really had a chilli dog before but I wanted one. Perhaps its from watching to many American films with the kids that planted the chilli dog … Read more

how to cook Boulangere Potatoes

How To Cook Boulangere Potatoes

How To Cook Boulangere Potatoes Potatoes, the humble ingredient that can be transformed into many delight. With this super quick prep method you can slam them in the oven and forget them. Great for busy households and even better you can make 2 at once, eat one save one or even freeze for later. Originally Boulangere … Read more

How To Make Sweet Potato Wedges

Sweet Potato Wedges Nothing could be simpler or satisfying, a sweet potato wedges dunked into a spicy sauce made from mayonnaise and Sriracha. Crispy on the outside soft, warm and moorish on the inside. Great served with a pile of baked beans or just as good alongside your kebab wrap and the kebab shop salad on … Read more

apple and almond tart

Jeremy Lee’s recipe for apple and almond tart

apple and almond tart Filled to the brim with crisp apples, and accompanied by an indecent amount of jersey cream, there’s no delight quite like a freshly baked tart Allens Farm was a favourite of mine, supplying me often with good produce from their Kentish cherry orchard. Tucked away behind high-banked roads near Sevenoaks, it … Read more