Meals For One

cooking as a singleton

Quick Cheap Dinner Ideas For Single People

Only because you live on your own there is no excuse for picking up ready meals and bunging therm in the oven or the microwave. It doesn’t have to take up lots of time for effort to make something tasty and nourishing. Tasty good food can be cooked in less time than you think, you … Read more

eating vac packed mussels

How to Cook Vacuum Packed Mussels

Cooking with vacuum packed mussels is so easy and quick, its a great recipe for one person. They come ready flavoured, such as white wine and garlic, just garlic butter or just white wine. However, even though they come pre-flavoured you can pack so much more flavour into them. You could just toss them into … Read more

spicy noodle duck broth

Recipes Using Gochujang Paste

Ok I understand that some of you may have never heard of gochujang paste and no idea what it actually is. It is a spicy fermented Korean chilli paste. What is gochujang? What is it made of? Gochujang is a deep red, smooth and spicy paste popular in Korean cuisine. A staple condiment, it’s made … Read more

shakshuka for one

A Very British Shakshuka Recipe

Despite Shakshuka being as old as the hills I have only recently discovered the delights and comfort its brings. It is a simple dish that is served all over the world butt they think it is a Tunisian dish in origin. Food and its history will always be disputed because man has always eaten food … Read more

Crispy Korean Pulled Pork

Spicy Korean Shredded Sticky Pork Tacos

This Korean inspired spicy pork dish was inspired from watching too much Dinners, Dives and Drive ins. It was the mixes of spices they were using for BBQ and the vinegar based marinade and spices. So I just started playing with flavours and then I stumbled across this little combination. The great thing is that … Read more