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Recipes Using Gochujang Paste

Ok I understand that some of you may have never heard of gochujang paste and no idea what it actually is. It is a spicy fermented Korean chilli paste. What is gochujang? What is it made of? Gochujang is a deep red, smooth and spicy paste popular in Korean cuisine. A staple condiment, it’s made … Read more

ingredients to cook for one person

Ingredients Staples List For One Person

Some people will say that cooking for one isn’t any fun at all and just eat ready meals. Not me, it’s my opportunity to eat the world, I can eat what I want when I want. It is a hobby and a passion, also for me a great way to relax, unwind with a glass … Read more

sausage sarnie

The Sensational Sausage Sarnie

It’s simply fair at its basic but somehow the simple sausage sarnie can be so comforting. The sausage is such a versatile ingredient that it can be used to elevate any dish. However today we are going to give the sausage bap a lift. One of my favourite ways to lift this sarnie is simply … Read more