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homemade lemon and thyme salt

Homemade Lemon And Thyme Rock Salt

Lemon And Thyme Rock Salt I was wanting this lemon and thyme rock salt combination for a recipe that I am going to try. I will share the recipe of course if it tastes good. However when I went to purchase said salt mixture I was a little shocked at the price. A staggering £27 … Read more

redcurrant jelly used in the redcurrant sauce

Redcurrant Sauce With Onions

No this redcurrant sauce is no ordinary redcurrant sauce its made with onions and it goes great with a sausage sarnie. In fact this sauce goes well with any meat dish. Its a warm sauce so it’s better to serve with warm meats. Once this redcurrant sauce is between two slices of bread its a … Read more

Homemade Dried Chillies Quick Tips

Homemade Dried Chillies Yes you can buy a jar full of the little fiery crackers, usually a little dull in colour but stop Wait ! When a recipe calls for fresh chilli what do you usually do ? Pop to the local supermarket and get a packet of 3/4 chillies. The question is what do … Read more