Roasted Beetroot Hummus With Cumin

Homemade Hummus, nothing better with some homemade bread and maybe a few meats to go with it. This time I decided to do it a little differently and go with roasted beetroot hummus. The colour looks so vibrant and appetising. I prefer my beetroot hummus silky smooth so I cook my tinned chick peas to … Read more

Pesto Without Garlic & Pine Nuts

I often make homemade pesto without pine nuts but never without garlic. It was a hectic day and it was going to be my first day working at a friends office. I work as a freelancer and I live alone (except when the kids come to sleep) and I can go for days without any … Read more

redcurrant jelly used in the redcurrant sauce

Redcurrant Sauce With Onions

No this redcurrant sauce is no ordinary redcurrant sauce its made with onions and it goes great with a sausage sarnie. In fact this sauce goes well with any meat dish. Its a warm sauce so it’s better to serve with warm meats. Once this redcurrant sauce is between two slices of bread its a … Read more

onion chutney used on my sausage sarnie

Onion Chutney Recipe With Dates and Walnuts

Now there is nothing better than a homemade onion chutney recipe lovingly spooned on to your plate at the weekend. Especially when you have a few wedges of your favourite cheeses and a glass of good red wine. The great thing about onion chutney recipe its so easy to make and so tasty. The building … Read more

anya potatoes

Crushed Anya Potatoes With Peas And Herbs

Anya Potatoes I believe the only place you can buy Anya potatoes is from Sainsbury’s. The Anya potato has a slightly nutty flavour and a firm texture. Great plain boiled with a little bit of butter and seasoning, also good to serve in salads. We always cook more than we need for any single serving … Read more

how to cook Boulangere Potatoes

How To Cook Boulangere Potatoes

How To Cook Boulangere Potatoes Potatoes, the humble ingredient that can be transformed into many delight. With this super quick prep method you can slam them in the oven and forget them. Great for busy households and even better you can make 2 at once, eat one save one or even freeze for later. Originally Boulangere … Read more

Celeriac And Turnip Gratin Recipe

Celeriac And Turnip Gratin Recipe

Celeriac The Ugly One Probably close to being one of the worlds ugliest root vegetables. Would you dare to pick one of those weird looking root vegetables of the shelve. What would you do with it once you got it home into your kitchen, make sure its dead and start. If I am honest it … Read more

How to make Mexican Salsa

Pico De Gallo A Simple Salsa

Pico De Gallo One of my all-time favourite salsa’s and super quick to make. Onion lime tomatoes and coriander along with the mandatory salt and pepper. Allow the flavours to marinate and your done. The classic pico de Gallo is such a versatile side dish you can serve it with virtually anything. When I mean anything … Read more