Cheap Dinner Ideas

Cheap Dinner Ideas

Its a concept, its an ideology, its a way of life.  We are here to save you a few pennies and to produce some great tasting food. Not always cheap as sometimes its a false economy, occasionally it pays to spend a little more on certain items. We are not talking student meals of baked beans and cornflakes. Good healthy homemade tasty meals. There will be tip tricks and shortcuts all to help you get your dinner on the table with less effort.

Fresh Herbs For Cooking

One easy way to save money on fresh herbs for cooking is just grow your own. If you haven’t yet cooked with fresh herbs in your cooking then start right now. Follow this link for some great ideas on the types of herbs you can cook with. Herbs are expensive in the supermarkets, grab the potted varieties when they are on offer or reduced. Bring them home and plant them in the garden. They usually regrow giving you free fresh herbs for the rest of the year, and maybe years to come.

Saving Money On Ingredients

This is all about buying wisely and ensuring that you get maximum benefit from what you buy. Take for example a bag of carrots its about 60p for a kilo. Do you use a full bag of carrots in one meal or even in the week. We are a family of five and we certainly don’t use that many. I used to leave them in the bottom of the fridge and the next time I wanted some guess what. they had become all soft and the bag had some horrible liquid in it. To the compost bin they went.

Now when I buy a bag of carrots I use what I need on the day and then chop the rest. Yes an extra five minutes of chopping carrots then into freezer bags. Done all sorted I have ready chopped carrots in the freezer for the next time I want some. Top tip cut different sizes for different uses, large for roast, julienned for posh dish etc.

Cheap Seafood and Shellfish Dishes

Mussels when in seasons are cheap and super luxurious. With a few extra ingredients mussels can become the star of the dinner party.

Sweet Peppers

Another item you buy by the bag, use once and forget about is sweet pepper. Do exactly the same chop up the rest and bang them in the freezer

Cheap Dinner Ideas Starters

Ham Hock Soup This underused cut of meat is so succulent and tasty that you don’t know what your missing. You could use half in your soup and then for a starter use some of the meat cold with peas shoots and watercress. Then all you need to add is a mustard dressing. A perfectly elegant starter.

Cheap Dinner Ideas Mains

Chicken Thighs are a great money savour especially when adding some bold flavours like this Chicken thighs paprika and Peppers recipe 

Now kebabs from the kebab shop can be very expensive. Why not make you own at home with this ultimate guide to kebabs. You can then make the perfect side to go with it an authentic kebab shop salad.

Offal is still very cheap today and can taste amazing. Just pick up and old recipe book for inspiration or of course you can check out our recipes.

Cheap Dinner Ideas Deserts 

Cheap Dinner Ideas Sides

Save money by making as much homemade produce as you can. Chillies, do you buy a pack for a recipe and then throw the rest away when they go a big soggy. Well don’t, you can dry your own chillies or turn them into chilli jam and then they will keep for an age. Spice up your peas with Macho peas

Potatoes, the British staple and super cheap especially if you buy them by the sack. If a sack is to much for you then share it with a friends or neighbours cut the food budget even more. Spice up your potato recipes with this great selection of potato wedges recipes. Also a much under rated potato which can add a variety to your diet is the sweet potato. Also perfect for wedge and with a little spice as well goes great.

Rice a staple for millions of people around the world. Takeaway rice is expensive so don’t but it make your own. I personally use microwave packet rice for quickness]. Try making this Cheats Keema rice for super authenticity.


Soups, a perfectly cheap and nourishing starter or snack. A handfuls of cheap ingredients slowly cooked and sweated in a pot just like Grandma used to make. The Scottish have this on a regular basis with a sandwich.

  1. Carrot and Coriander Soup 
  2. Ham Hock Soup 

Money Saving Gadgets

Some of the kitchen gadgets can be a waste of money. How many have you bought, used once and then stick them in the corner cupboard never to be seen again. The spirlaizer bought at the right price can be a great addition to the gadget collection. Have you seen the price of spiralzed veg in the supermarkets, absurd. They are great for courgettes, carrots add a little olive oil to the pan with some crushed garlic, maybe some chlilies. The perfect quick healthy snack

Budget Food Around the World

most every country around the world have their peasant food and most of these way pay a fortune on as takeaways. However the staples of other countries are cheap. The Italians have their pasta and polenta, the Chinese have their rice dishes. In Indian they also use a lot of rice and bread. The Indians made their curries as curries because the quality of meat they had to hand wasn’t very good. The spices and marinades tenderised the meat for them.

We in the UK have our potatoes and how many different ways is there to cook potatoes. probably hundreds of potato recipes

Save Money on Fakeaways

Rather than spending your hard earned cash on expensive take aways why not make your very own takeaway.

One of the easiest takeaways to make is the Doner kebab recipe , simple grilled meats served in homemade pitta and kebab shop salad dressing. Perfect and sumptuous. Make your own ultimate kebab recipe.

Pate, tasty and delicious but pretty expensive when bought from the supermarkets. As it contains chicken livers a quiet inexpensive meat this is one budget saving recipe. Homemade pate and it can be frozen as well

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Pickels And Chutneys

One way to save money is to make your own chutneys. At the right time of the year certain ingredients are plentiful and cheap. Especially if you know a gardener or have your own allotment. One ingredient that is cheap most of the year is onions. Onion chutney is such a versatile side dish it goes with lots of things. Try this homemade onion chutney recipe.