Coal Bar & Grill Sheffield Meadowhall Review

Coal Bar & Grill Sheffield Meadowhall Review

Coal Bar & Grill Sheffield

Well we stumbled across this by accident really, we were due to go out (very rare occasion) with the eldest daughter and boyfriend to physic show in a near by bar but they had no tickets left “Sold Out” nope we didnt see that coming. Anyway we had the babysitter booked (Gran) and its not very often we do get out so we decided to take full advantage and as soon as Gran arrived we left the building. We trundled down the motorway to Meadowhall so we could  do a little window shopping. (I call it window licking as we spend all our money on the kids) After a stroll around the shops we walked around the food part of Meadowhall and out of the many only 3 of them appealed to us.


The Coal was 1 of the 3 that appealed to us and as we have never tried it thought we would give it a go. It was quite obvious from the branding and layout that it was a chain, not always a bad thing but then if its anything like Jamies Italian then its bad as I have been in 3 around the country and they all have been poor, I digress. So we were shown to a table quite near to the semi open kitchen. So far so good.

coal and grill bar



It didn’t take to long to ask if we wanted a drink so as it was the first time in what seemed like an age we order a drink to savour. I ordered a large glass of Rioja with was 5p short of £7 so quite expensive I though, especially when I can get a reasonable bottle for around £5. After a good clout around the head from the wife I got over it and enjoyed the wine gliding down as we perused over the menu.


After a little deliberation we decided to go with the small plate option as I do like to taste as many different things as I can when out. Small plates were either £4.25 for one or £11.95 for 3 so we settled on, Fried Calamari, Warm Chorizo and Red Pepper Houmous hoping that would be more than enough for the two of us. The trio of dishes were served on a triple cake like stand and did look pretty good. It did give it a sense of theater but the top dish was a little to high to see exactly what it was.

  • Fried Calamari
    • With chipotle mayo
    • Very nice indeed, big crispy batter around the calamari and more importantly the calamari was not overcooked and chewy. The mayo had a little edge to it and with a squeeze of lemon (and a pinch of salt) the dish was memorable for all the right reasons
  • Warm Chorizo
    • in garlic oil
    • Well I thought the warm referred to the chorizo as in warm just out of the frying pan, nope NO it did not it must have referred to Warm and Bloody Spicy. The after kick was so much that the wife had 1 piece and then no more. I did battle on and have a few more but it was just a little to hot to enjoy so I wont be having those at Coal again.
  • Red Pepper Houmous
    • with warm flat bread
    • This was the top dish on our trio tower, eventually I took it of there so I could see it (doh yes that simple lift it off the stand) Anyway it was very nice scooped up with little pieces of warm pitta bread. The red pepper taste wasn’t overpowering but just enough to give a well rounded balanced flavour to the dish. A big tick in the box.

The plates were duly cleared away without to much waiting, however after that I wanted another drink but it seemed that everyone was rushing past so fast to pick orders up from the grill and then to the tables that I didnt get a chance to order a drink until the main course was brought to our table.




Choices choices choices, again the menu at the Coal grill looked good for the mains and one of the reasons we parked our bottoms in there. In the end after a little deliberation we decided on Coal’s Famous Firesticks. Yes we went for the diversity of 3 Firesticks for £20.95. Chicken, Beef and Tiger prawns


They served us with our mains, an impressive looking stand with 3 large industrial looking skewers and a flaming hot skillet with chargrilled sweet peppers (only green and not cooked) courgette (only 4 thinly sliced pieces) Mushrooms (can not remember seeing them) Tangy tomato sauce (tasted like plain squeezed tomato puree) and a pile of fire roasted onions, and fired was the word (lots of burnt bits). The Skillet was served on its own tower again a sense of

Chicken Breast and Chorizo
theater but for me it was to high, above the eye line and this was definitely  to hot to put at table level. The skewers were removed one by one from their impressive stand and the waitress wrestled with the meat (and more burnt I mean charred green peppers and onions) and just managed to place it on the warm towering skillet. There was a few times in the wrestling match that I thought the meat would come flying off and hit me in the face but we just manged to avoid 3rd degree burns. Well we did, the waitress burnt her hand on the handle of the giant skewers. I know surprising they were hot after being on a charcoal grill which are food was rapidly cooling as she popped back to get a towel to save the skin on her hands. (perhaps the chefs just heat them a little for their entertainment) Oh nearly forgot a big bowl of chips, I had about 3 of them because there was plenty else to eat.

    • with chipotle mayo
    • All very good and tasty, the meat was succulent and the chorizo wasn’t to bad with the chicken, unfortunate there was only 4 pieces among the ever increasing green pepper pile
  • Prime Chargrilled Beef Rump
    •  with a blue cheese sauce
    • The beef was pretty good 4 pieces but unfortunately the blue cheese sauce was very watery and lacking in taste.
  • Succulent Seared Tiger Prawns
    • with sweet chilli sauce
    • The prawn were juicy tasty and even better when dipped into the chilli sauce, fabtastic.

All in all it was a pleasant and enjoyable experience, the food over all was good, the atmosphere and ambiance agreeable. The staff were all pleasant and presentable and we would probably go back there to eat “BUT” I could not help thinking for the money I could do a better job at home. Loved the concept along with the whole idea but with a few tweaks could be fantastic and I will do it for friends one night with a post dedicated to it on here.

Definitely give Coal Bar & Grill Sheffield a visit,

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