Frankie & Bennys Chesterfield Review

Frankie & Bennys Chesterfield Review

Frankie & Bennys Chesterfield Review

It was a funny old day (03/05/15) Bank Holiday Monday, As it was a 3 day break from work it kinda felt you should be doing something but it was terrible rain in the morning and just miserable. Eventually we dared to leave the house in the afternoon out and we happened across Frankie & Benny’s Chesterfield. Cheer ourselves up with some good food, well that was the intention.

Frankie & Bennys Chesterfield in the door and not very busy great, show straight to the table, all the family has sat down except myself and there wanting to take our drinks orders and any pre-starters. Talk about up-selling my bum hadn’t even touched the seat never mind look at the menu. So we sat down arranged the kids with their play packs and then the waiter was back already. We ordered the garlic cheese bread and our drinks. He then asked if we were ready to order and we explained we hadn’t still looked at the menu so could we have a few more minutes. So he left and never to return again. Eventually after a long 15 minute wait someone came across to take our order.


The Garlic and melting mozzarella turned up a large cheesy garlic pizza, the kids loved it we loved it, it was so nice there wasn’t enough. So far so good now just waiting for the starters to come




I went for the spicy wings with a blue cheese dip. The wings themselves were cooked very well but for me the spicy sauce was just to much for me and spoiled the starter a little bit as my lips were burning all the way through and for about 10 to 15 minutes after. So I wont be having that again. The Mrs had the skins with cheese and bacon, well what can i say its a baked potato with cheese and bacon on it, not particular tasty, just warm and stodgy.


In the distance on the kitchen pass under the warming lights I could see our order all nicely lined up so we cleared the table of the kids play packs and waited, and we waited and waited watching all the waiters just keep passing the plates of food on the pass, after 10 minutes I think the guilt got the better of them and the waiters stopped their chatting and started to send out the orders. Luckily it was not busy or we could have been in for a real long wait.

The Mrs had Grilled Chicken Pitta and take a look below at the picture, I think this is what is supposed to come to the table, unfortunately when it made it our table it wasn’t exactly the same. The wife was kind enough to share some of her main meal. The chicken was very dry and tasteless apart from the sauce that was poured on, it tasted like it was cooked earlier in the day then placed in warm water to remove all the taste of chicken possible along with making it dry and stringy. A few mouthfuls was more than enough for anyone, we did not inflict this on the children and so far no one has been seriously hurt during our visit to Frankie & Benny’s Chesterfield.


Grilled Chicken Pitta

I was going to have the steak and chips but I thought as we were having a treat I would have the 80z sirloin steak. I like my steaks blue and perhaps in hindsight its not the best cut of steak to have blue but hey what could go wrong. There was a slight sear on the steak but apart from that it was very pale. As i cut into it, it was very raw in the middle which is how I like it, it was a shame that the middle of the steak was cold and completely uncooked. I suspect that the grill was not hot enough to sear the outside of the meat and carry a warmth all the way through the meat, I ate most of the meat after I trimmed of all the fat. Disappointingly under seasoned and not worth £10 and defiantly not worth the £16.95 I paid. Not even with the pile of chips, the mushroom (unseasoned) watercress and the poor grilled offering of a tomato.


The kids had the kids menu I know perfect and at £4.25 looks great value,Blue twin had chicken bites, very crispy, that crispy in fact that any 5 year old with above average knife skills would still struggle to cut them in half. I think the professional term for the crispness is “overcooked”

We love kids! We have two delicious menus for kids up to the age of 11, starting from just £4.25 for a main course, a dessert and refillable soft drinks. All of our childrens’ meals come with an optional side of vegetables, side salad or Heinz baked beans – free of charge! Just ask your server. Plus every child gets a fun activity pack with games and puzzles! Free apples available for children!

Pink twin had sausage and mash. There must have been about 3lbs of microwaved mash potato (seriously for a 5 year old) which tasted, well warm stodge. The sausages with a another 30 seconds of cooking would have made perfect drawing implements, charcoal, yes seconds away from being inedible. pink twin did eat them as she was starving and sausage is her favorite food. Oh nearly forgot she also decided to have the vegetable option as well. A few peas and two big pieces of limp broccoli. Broccoli is our eldest favourite veg but it was to limp and cold even for her to eat. The eldest had the cheeseburger and a few pounds of chips as well. The cheeseburger seemed  ok apart from it looked like it had been throw onto the plate by a quarter back from 50 yards across the kitchen.

The Menu page

Frankie and Bennys
F & B Chicken


The service was pretty poor considering that it was empty, when we asked for the kids drinks to be topped up it took over 10 mins, I was going to ask for another drink but they were never at the table long enough to actually ask, they did come to the table to ask if everything was alright and the kids said yes but before we had a chance to voice our opinion the waitress left. Eventually the wife called over the waitress to complain about the diabolical chicken, the rest of us had finished what we had manged to force down by the time she came over, she did say why didn’t you say earlier when I asked and as the wife said you didn’t actually stop long enough for me to tell you it was poor. So of she trotted to tell the manager and on her return she said that that meal would be deducted from our final bill. So after we complained we had 3 visits to the table by staff and not ONE of them actually cleared the plates away. After 15 minutes of waiting with dirty plates on our table we could take no more, we were not even prepared to stay (much to the disappointment of the kids) for the kids ice-cream that was included in their meal.  So off I went to one of the tills (the main chatting point for the staff) and asked to pay for our food. (I think it was the manager) When I was presented with the bill the chicken dish was still on there so I said ” I thought they were taking the chicken dish off” she replied “ok” printed out another receipt without asking why or even if we had enjoyed our meal. Did they care for the customer experience. I  felt like we were more of a hindrance to their little chat club at the till and the fact they are employed to serve the customers probably never enters their heads


We will not be visiting again, after a £5 voucher off and then £10 off for the very poor chicken dish we paid over £50, not a fortune but then again a few quid and I expect a little more in service and certainly  in taste  especially when I can cook much better at home for less then a quarter of the cost. Mass made food, probably cooked by boil in the bag cooks. Promises so much but delivers so little.

Places To Eat In Chesterfield Tickled Trout . Bottle Thyme are  great host and have great food.  If you are far afield and like Fish and Chips try Rick Steins in Padstow