The Brampton Manor Review Chesterfield

The Brampton Manor Review Chesterfield

The Brampton Manor Review

The Brampton Manor was renowned for its posh middle class dining many years ago.

It was a last minute decision on a Friday night to book a table at the Brampton Manor on a Saturday for 6 PM. Yes I know its rather early but some of us have to occasional work on a Sunday.  Luckily it wasn’t me andI was looking forward to a little gastronomical indulgence. Brampton Manor 5.30pm as we pulled up the drive the sun was shining.

starters Brampton Manor
Bread with Balsamic and pesto & Bread with Hummus and Olives

As we parked the car and strolled up to the Brampton Manor the first thing that struck me was the noise. mainly from all the kids playing outside on the climbing frame and generally running around everywhere, we had luckily secured our favorite trusted baby sitter (my Mum) for a few hours and the last thing I wanted to see was pesky shouting kids, I suppose the good weather has its positive and negative influences, I suppose that you have to let the kids out of the cage occasionally. Irresponsible parents leaving their kids to run havoc around strangers, but that’s a rant I will save for another day.


Bar at Brampton Manor Chesterfield

Limited bar space at the Brampton Manor

It was pretty packed and we walked in and waited to be seated, they asked if we would like to sit outside, why not a glorious day so the ladies went to the table why we got the drinks at the bar, for such a big building the bar space was somewhat limited and we did have to wait for a while. Eventually we did get served around £20 for a large glass of white Chardonnay, large glass of Rose (for those who cant decide) 1 Pint of cider and 1 pint of Perroni, not cheap but not extortionate.



Brampton Manor Chicken and Chorizo
Chicken and Chorizo

Walking outside into the warm sunny glow I thought what a pleasant night this should be, but then I noticed the large upside down plant pot on the table as an ashtray and a number on it. A number can only mean one thing, bar service, so form posh to basically self service another little disappointment. (a silent grrr under my breath as I don’t want to appear to much of a snob in-front of friends). A quick perusal through the menu (an old clipboard with single pages clipped on there, can not decide if its trendy,chic or crass and common.)  There was quite a few choices on there and in the heat of the night I wasn’t sure if i wanted a full meal so I was happy to see a selection of sharing boards,


Inside it looked very small compared to its vast exterior, We could only see one small bar space witch at times was probably 4 deep with people waiting to be served (yes you had to order your food there as well) It was some what tired in places but then had some new modern seating,dinning areas. The exterior was very tired and in need of a good lick of paint and general tarting up but we were here for the food.


Inside brampton Manor
Newly furnished Interior Brampton Manor


We walked back into the bar and eventually when we wrestled our way to the front and began our order and then we were told that food would be at least an hour (so booking a table for 6 pm was pointless, and very misleading, might as well be a brewers fayre.  Dissapointment and a silent grumble again. Ah well the sun was still shining so a large glass of Rijoa was in order to sip whilst the food was being cooked.

  • Manor Tapas £15 / £8Stuffed Field Mushroom with Goats Cheese, Pan Fried Chorizo and Patatas Bravas, Bruschetta with Brie and a Basil Pesto, Breaded Calamari with Garlic Mayonnaise and an Olive and Sunblushed Tomato Salad with a Wholegrain Mustard Dressing

  • Cajun chicken breast £10.95 

    • Served with Tomato, Field Mushroom, Onion Rings, Homemade Chips & Dressed Leaf
  • Chorizo & Chicken £6.95 X 2 Strips of Chicken Pan Fried with Chriozo & Topped with a Pesto Mayo

    • A Choice White Rustic Ciabatta or Sunblush Tomato Focaccia. All Served with Dressed Leaves and Slaw. Add Chunky Chips for Just £2

This was for 4 people along with a few snacks

Nibbles: Seletion of Breads with Balsamic & Olive Oil £3.50 Additional Portions £2.00 Warm Bread Hummus & Olives £4.50 Additional Portions £2.00

We had one bread with balsamic and olive oil, and 1 bread and hummous

The Brampton Manor Full Menu


Manor Tapas
Manor Tapas


Well after expecting an hour for the food we went back to the front line which was the mini bar area, this time we opted for a Malbec (sorry a little disappointing and expensive), upon returning back to our table outside, it was there “the food” it was only 30 mins since we ordered but the ladies were well on there way munching into the delights. (grrrr).

The Breads and bits at the Brampton, bread not bad at all, tomato infused. The pesto was fresh tangy and very tasty so I had quite a lot of that. The olives were very nice, mild and non offensive, even the non olive lovers said they enjoed them, I think it was to the brine they came in taking away any harshness of flavour. The balsamic vinegar was very thick, gooey and stick, I think they had reduced it a little in a hot pan but what did delight was the after taste of walnuts ( I will be trying to make that at home very soon) THE HUMMUS !!!! well the colour looked a little odd to

The Brampton Manor Review Chesterfield
Side order Onion rings Brampton Manor

start with but the taste was buttery,creamy lushness, moreish and quite velvety. Well worth the visit alone. The Cajun chicken was very tasty but bordering on the dry. The chicken and chorizo looked very scrummy but I didn’t have the privilege of trying any (You know who you are and if you read this please think on and give me a nible next time).  My dish the Tapas !! well the mushroom with goats cheese was simple and averagely tasty.  The Bruschetta with brie was tasty but a little grumble as I would have liked the cheese all over the bread and not just the middle. Potato Bravas, tasty but it seemed like they had new potatoes and chorizo, put them in a pan at the last minute and reheated them., ideally they should have been steeping together for a long time to allow the flavour to infuse into the spuds. Salad and mustard dressing was ok. CALAMARI very very nice indeed, crispy on the outside soft and flavorsome on the inside with a garlicky mayonnaise.

Brampton Manor Review


After the ups and downs at The Brampton Manor we will be visiting again, we are even thinking of going in December for Christmas dinner. A very pleasant night out, not overly expensive and the food was very tasty.

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