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Macaroni Cheese Bake

by Karl
Macaroni cheese bake

Pasta and cheese what’s not to love about this macaroni cheese bake. Warm feeling and oh so comforting to eat, at the table or on the sofa snuggled under a blanket. Served with a few slices of your favourite toast makes happy memories.

Once you have mastered the basic white sauce you can use it for so many things. Once you add the cheese to the white sauce it can be put on any dish not only your macaroni cheese bake. The same cheese sauce can be used to top your lasagne and no you don’t need a jar of Dolimio

The Pasta For The Macaroni Cheese Bake

Well of course it has to be the macaroni pasta. Small little tubes that trap all that gorgeous cheese sauce inside, perfect. You could go wild and use another type of pasta if your not a purist, heaven forbid. Actually there are plenty of tube shaped pasta that you could use.

a plate of cheese for the macaroni cheese bake

Rigatoni, penne, mostaccioli and tufoli are just a few examples that you could use to make you macaroni cheese bake. What ever you use make sure its something that will grab onto the cheese sauce. I would not recommend making you own pasta for this dish.

The Cheese Sauce

There are several methods to making a cheese sauce. There is the all in one method, personally I have never used this but my future ex did. Then there is the classic method of making the cheese sauce. Which ever you choose I would recommend that you use at least 2 different types of cheese in there.

Using different cheese seems to add depth of flavour to cheese sauce. I like to use a cheap creamy cheese to make the sauce all gooey and runny. Then I add a mature cheese to give it some depth and then I use the rind from parmesan cheese as well. You can add a teaspoon of mustard sauce to you cheese sauce if you wish, it gives it a crisp clean taste and cuts through the creaminess of the sauce.

Macaroni cheese bake











Macaroni Cheese Bake Extras

Yes I did call it a macaroni cheese bake because I always make mine earlier in the day when the kids are at school. In fact I usually make enough for 2 or 3 portions. I eat one in the day after the kids come home by sticking in the oven just before the school run. When I get back I have enough time to get the toast on and then serve dinner. The other portions go into the freezer and warm up perfectly from frozen

The extra’s well I do love to add chorizo it adds so much flavour to the dish and lifts it to a new level. I have been know to add sautéed mushrooms in there as well. Another great tip is to add breadcrumbs to the cheese topping before grilling. This gives it a wonderful texture. I have been know to chop up tomatoes and throw them in the macaroni cheese bake before baking.

Mac N Cheese

So what’s going into your Mac N cheese, the sky is the limit, throw in a little of what you fancy. Some other great Italian dish you may like. Authentic Italian Ragu. Puttanesca

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