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Creating great food does not have to cost the earth, in money and sustainability. We make great food using what we have, leftovers ingredients from the cupboards and what we have in the freezer. Its estimated that 35% of people are single so we will be creating tasty meals for one


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We love creating cheap dinner ideas

Comfort Food

We all love a bit of comfort now and again. Something that gives you a little hug after and while you’re eating it. Discover some comfort food recipes.

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I was lucky my parents enjoyed eating out and usually about once a month they took me. Thats how I discovered my love of food and cooking. Find out more

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If you are cooking for one and always have leftover shop bought ingredients then follow the tags on the post as I always try to make them taste different so I can stick to my budget and not waste food

Cooking In Season makes it easier to create cheap dinner ideas

Our Passion For Food

Budget Foods From Around The World

Most every country around the world have their peasant food and most of these we spend a fortune on as takeaways. However the staples of other countries are cheap. The Italians have their pasta and polenta, the Chinese have their rice dishes.

Chinese Food

China covers a vast region and each province has its own style of cooking. Some go from very hot too mild. A truly diverse area traditional Chinese Recipes.

Italian Food

Italian food changes throughout its regions, the recipes in the south are very different from the north. Local cooking is always shaped by the food that grows around you.

Scottish Food

Well know now for their love of fried foods but the people of Scotland needed to keep warm. However, they have some beautiful produce, salmon, Aberdeen Angus. Traditional Scottish Recipes.

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Pasta alla Boscaiola

Italian mushrooms and pasta

Pasta alla Boscaiola Jump To Recipe <!– March 24, 2022–> 14 Comments » This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy. Pasta alla Boscaiola (“woodsman-style pasta”) features a rich blend of mushrooms and bacon tossed with pasta in a silky garlic-herb tomato cream sauce. It’s earthy, smoky, creamy and unbelievably delicious. <img […]