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Kid Chef Junior My Kids First Cookbook Review

by Karl
Kid Chef Junior My Kids First Cookbook Review

Kid Chef Junior by Anjali Shah

I have been one of the lucky ones to get hold of a pre-launch copy of the Kid Chef Junior by Anjali Shah. The first thing that I noticed was the clear uncomplicated front cover. Perfect for appealing to the age group of kids. Of course they don’t want anything to fussy but something fun and appealing.

What would Kid Chef Junior look like on the inside. The first few pages a delicious looking brownie and some edible letters, a great start but the book isn’t exactly aimed at my age group so I drafted in some expert reviewers. Aka my eight year old twins, one pink and one blue. I do a lot of cooking at home but the kids are not always into it, so lets see

The Twins Review of The Kid Chef Juniors by Anjali Shah

The first to have a look at the cook book was the blue one, Jake. The first recipe he would like to make is the Bunny Pancakes, without the fruit. Little ole blue doesn’t really eat much fruit (much to my dismay) but we make pancakes all the time in the house but he has never been interested in making them with me once. So a result as he wants to be next to the cooker flipping pancake bunnies

Equipment Identification

Pizza Party

We often make pizza in the house for the kids and especially when friends come around as well. However we seem to have fallen out of favour with making pizza so this has reignited the passion. There are a few different ingredients to what they normally have so I am hoping that My Kids First Cookbook will expand their pallets a little more.

Jake, Easy Peasy Mac N Cheesy

Upon seeing this easy peasy recipe Jake shouted out “why can’t I have peas in my Mac n cheese”. Well the actual reason is cookbook junior that his sisters (we have another one at 12 + 25 year old who has left the next)  don’t like peas at all. However upon hearing his enthusiasm for wanting peas in his I will make sure he gets.

Personally I do like the idea of trying more veg in the Mac N cheese so we will be experimenting with this over the months.  Just to add to Jake and his sisters, yes he is exposed to a lot of girlie stuff, and thankfully this hasn’t harmed him emotionally just yet. Jake liked quite a few of the recipes and he has marked them in his notebook for future reference so we can make them.

The Pink Review Of The Cookbook (Aka The Boss)

Oliva is very different from Jake in so many ways, they both bring delight and heartache in equal measure but this one has been here more than once before. Ole pink does help in the kitchen from time to time and in more practicals ways and usually it cost me financially.

This was a different review of the book, Jake saw something he liked and immediately wrote it down. Olivia actually went through all the cookbook first (scan reading and picture gawking ). She then she went back to one particular recipe and before deciding that she would make this one day had to run some check. Yes she dragged Nan (grandma) around the house to ensure that we had all the equipment required. Each one was ticked off the list. Next the ingredients, tick

The Decision of the Pink Recipe ; Magic Unicorn Toast

So one weekend well be making the magic unicorn toast, and maybe a little force feeding for the none fruit lovers.

My Personal Likes of the Kid Chef Junior

What I found appealing amongst many thing was the easy to read equipment references. Olivia could read what the equipment was, then see it and match the picture, instant satisfaction and recognition. I love the side panel of the recipes how it encourages you to write in the book and create memories.

So if you don’t yet cook with your kids I would highly recommend that you start soon. This cookbook by Anjali Shah is the perfect starting point. Fun, visually appealing for the kids with clear simple instructions the kids can understand and follow.  Old ideas revamped and new ideas all designed to get you kids in the kitchen getting there hands dirty and experiences enriched.

Now available for pre order on Amazon

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