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Redcurrant Sauce With Onions

by Karl
redcurrant jelly used in the redcurrant sauce

No this redcurrant sauce is no ordinary redcurrant sauce its made with onions and it goes great with a sausage sarnie. In fact this sauce goes well with any meat dish. Its a warm sauce so it’s better to serve with warm meats.

Once this redcurrant sauce is between two slices of bread its a little taste of heaven. I usually pile on tom much so as I bite into my toasted bread of choice it start to roll down my fingers. Actually it might taste even better as you lick the juice from your fingers.

redcurrant jelly used in the redcurrant sauce

Redcurrant Sauce With Onions

No this redcurrant sauce is no ordinary redcurrant sauce its made with onions and it goes great with a sausage sarnie. In fact this sauce goes well with any meat… Sides sauce for meats, sauce for sausages, English Print This
Prep Time: Cooking Time:
Nutrition facts: 200 Calories estimated 20 grams Fat estimated
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  • 1 Onion roughly sliced
  • 2 large tables spoons of redcurrant jelly
  • 50ml of double cream
  • 2tsp of balsamic vinegar
  • 1tsp of brown sugar
  • olive oil
  • smidge of butter


First begin frying your onions in the olive oil and butter 

Ensure the you season them well with salt and pepper 

Once they start to soften add the balsamic vinegar and sugar 

When the sugar has started to dissolve then add the redcurrant jelly 

Once the onions have reached the desired consistency (still crunchy or complete soft) your choice 

Add the cream and warm through, taste for flavour, if its to sweet add balsamic vinegar 

To sharp either add more sugar or jelly ensure its cooked out 

Serve on your sausage sarnie 


you can add spices to the mix if you like as well, cinnamon works well, orange also adds to the flavour

The Inspiration of The Redcurrant Sauce With Onions

If your a regular visitor to my site or my facebook page you will know my struggle with cooking. Well its a struggle for some but for me I always want to explore the different tastes and combinations of flavour. So I hardly cook exactly the same thing twice. I once made some caramelised onions with lots of brown sugar and balsamic vinegar they became nearly like crisps.

I served these caramelised onions on a burger with my kebab shop salad. That was seriously a wow moment in flavour and creation and I have done that combination many times over. So I can’t help but do things differently most of the time. I try to keep the things the kids like the same, most of the time.

After all the onion is the most used vegetable in the world. Yes seriously, in your average curry you could have at least 2 onions in there. So as the onion is pretty cheap vegetable and can be served in so many ways another voyage of discovery.

kebab shop salad burger with caramelised onions the inspiration for the redcurrant sauce with onion s
Burger in a Brioche Bun with Caramelised Onions and Kebab Shop Salad

So off to the cupboard and fridge for my new onion side dish.

The Redcurrant Jelly

I use redcurrant jelly lots around Christmas to add it to sauces for meat so I always have some in the fridge this time of year. I like to buy most of my redcurrant jelly from the local markets around us, especially if they are small producers. They offend don’t cost that much and they don’t know what they are missing when they sell it on. It was my little secret until this post.

A version of the same sauce with the onions finely diced and sweated off then add a splash of red wine vinegar. Then add the redcurrant jelly and some red wine. Next add a couple of table spoons of horseradish sauce to the pot. Its a great contrast of flavours with beef, sharp horseradish and sweet redcurrant jelly a perfect quick sauce.

The Sausage Sarnie Sensation

So I came up with this recipe just to go with my sausage sarnie

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