ham & roasted squash soup with fresh chilli

This recipe is a little different because I got this from someone who I follow on Twitter. She is always posting fab recipes and goes to great effort to include the method and costs involved. So I thought that would be perfect on Cheap Diner Ideas, recipes with costs. Jess Rocks Jess is from Wales … Read more

macho peas

Homemade Copycat Macho Peas

Ordinary peas uplifted to a taste extrodinair, You don’t have to serve this delight with spicy chicken as it spices up and dish. Try it with the Sunday roast, beef chicken or pork pot lifts the whole dish Macho Peas Turn ordinary peas into a taste sensational  explosion in your mouth with macho peas.This is … Read more

Chilli Jam And Flavoured Oils

Chilli Jam And Flavoured Oils Its Christmas and we have some good friends and  we never know what to buy them and this year was no different. We wanted to make it personal and  special.  Then we struck upon the idea of making something for them (when I said “we” it was me, the Mrs … Read more