ham & roasted squash soup with fresh chilli

This recipe is a little different because I got this from someone who I follow on Twitter. She is always posting fab recipes and goes to great effort to include the method and costs involved. So I thought that would be perfect on Cheap Diner Ideas, recipes with costs. Jess Rocks Jess is from Wales … Read more

Types Of Herbs Best For Growing And Cooking

Types Of Herbs Best For It is the Spring of 2018, well thats what the calendar is saying. It has been one of the worst and longest winters for a very long time and we all hope for the sun to shine soon. I was taking the children to school after the too long easter … Read more

How to make Mexican Salsa

Pico De Gallo A Simple Salsa

Pico De Gallo One of my all-time favourite salsa’s and super quick to make. Onion lime tomatoes and coriander along with the mandatory salt and pepper. Allow the flavours to marinate and your done. The classic pico de Gallo is such a versatile side dish you can serve it with virtually anything. When I mean anything … Read more

Homemade Naan Bread

Homemade Naan Bread Yoghurt Garlic Coriander

Homemade Naan Bread Bread again I know, but the simple dough is so versatile and a quick comfort food. The homemade naan bread is no more difficult than basic bread recipe.  Wait a minute, I know not everyone has a tandoori oven in the kitchen or the back yard but that should not stop you.  … Read more