panzanella and sea bas

Panzanella (panmolle) With GRIDDLED SEA Bass

I have eaten Panzanella a few times but never used it to complement a whole dish. The sea bass was reduced in the supermarket and already having some oldish bread in the house I thought this would be perfect. I always have tomatoes on the side in the kitchen because they are great to add … Read more

Easy Butter Chicken Biryani With Prawns

Another night exploring what the supermarket has to offer and something a little different to eat. Well inspiration was missing a little and could I be bothered to cook. Sometimes cooking for one is an effort and you just fancy a quick ready meal. Stop right there, I can not remember the last time I … Read more

how to cook vacuum packed mussels

Mussels The Complete Guide and Recipes

Mussels One of the most delicious mollusks or (molluscs) from the sea. They are so robust in flavour and texture  that they can carry off virtually any other flavour you cook with them. From a curried creamy sauce  to a plain broth of salt water. One of the most versatile ingredients from the sea in my … Read more

lemon garlic shrimp pasta

Lemon Garlic Shrimp Pasta Puttanesca With Burnt Bread

Lemon Garlic Shrimp Pasta Puttanesca A very quick and easy recipe to conjure up in a rush. This lemon garlic shrimp pasta also contains olives, smoked pancetta,  capers, garlic and parsley. There was also a few sugar snap peas in there as well. The flavours when combined just sing and jump in and around the … Read more