ingredients to cook for one person

Ingredients Staples List For One Person

Some people will say that cooking for one isn’t any fun at all and just eat ready meals. Not me, it’s my opportunity to eat the world, I can eat what I want when I want. It is a hobby and a passion, also for me a great way to relax, unwind with a glass … Read more

homemade lemon and thyme salt

Homemade Lemon And Thyme Rock Salt

Lemon And Thyme Rock Salt I was wanting this lemon and thyme rock salt combination for a recipe that I am going to try. I will share the recipe of course if it tastes good. However when I went to purchase said salt mixture I was a little shocked at the price. A staggering £27 … Read more

how to cook Boulangere Potatoes

How To Cook Boulangere Potatoes

How To Cook Boulangere Potatoes Potatoes, the humble ingredient that can be transformed into many delight. With this super quick prep method you can slam them in the oven and forget them. Great for busy households and even better you can make 2 at once, eat one save one or even freeze for later. Originally Boulangere … Read more