Dinner Ideas For One Weekly Round Up

Dinner Ideas For One Weekly Round Up

Dinner Ideas For One

Yes just the one as my mother is going away for 5 days with the pensioners club. I hope she doesn’t read this one as she will go crazy for me calling her a pensioner. I had lots of ideas running through my head but what was I going to actually eat.

The down side is that I have a big SEO job on this week transferring a website to a new domain. That will keep me super busy if everything goes to plan.


We didn’t have the kids here and mum fancied scampi, yes from out of the freezer. I didn’t fancy plain old scampi of course I had to come up with a twist. I made my own tartare  sauce with mayonnaise, gherkins, capers and parsley.

chopped gherkins capers and parsley

I then made one of my favourites sides pico da Gallo along side my macho peas. Seafood and peas is a must, well you know what I mean.

scampi taco

Simply served with iceberg lettuce and some potato wedges. I discovered a new quick method for my wedges, use a baking potato and pre cook it in the microwave  for around ten minutes. The slice it into wedges and its all fluffy inside and virtually cooked. The. place in the oven in hot oil and the spice of your choice, the result is perfectly crispy tasty wedges. Need some great potato wedges ideas

scampi on a white plate with pitta and iceberg lettuce .


Day one of the dinner ideas for one and time was ticking by, the SEO job was on and I was tapping away at the keyboard. So much so that I have keyboard wrist, whatever its called. All I know is that my forearm and writ are becoming numb and hurting a lot.

crap curry takeaway

So thats it, enough of an excuse to order a takeaway as I haven’t had one in ages. So I decided I would have a curry as I have been craving one for weeks. Google my first port of cal looking for good curry house, find a few look at the recommendations. Right ill have that, starter, main course, rice popadoms, pickle tray and keema naan. Cost a small fortune but it doesn’t happen often.

The Curry

Well what a waste of money that turned out to be. The starter was ok but a little wet, the popadoms a little greasy. The lamb dish was non descriptive to be honest. The worst of it was my keema nan, the meat what that thin it looks like it had been pressed through a mangle.

fresh cooked pitta breads stacked on a cooling rack

What made it worse is the meat wasn’t even in the middle so one side of the naan was dry and crispy and the other side fat and doughy. It wasn’t cooked properly on the fat side so it tasted horrible. The rice was dry and not cooked properly either. Yes I should have complained but I didn’t bother I just won’t be going back. I should have stopped work an hour earlier cooked my own and I would still be quids in


I promised myself the I would not fall  of the wagon today and cook myself something. Besides I had table tennis and the kids were coming after school as well. I gave the kids pitta pizzas again as there was plenty of mozzarella left from last week. They had the exact same fillings as last week.

leftover salad with mozzarella

I myself used up what I had in the fridge with a few bargains I picked up. Prawns that were reduced to ¬£1.25 along with a fennel that was reduced to 50p. What I didn’t use of the fennel I have cut into slices, dived it into 3 portions and put it in the freezer. It will be great for flavouring stews and rice dishes. Pan seared the fennel along with some pear and shallots. Some bacon bits,  pea shoots, iceberg lettuce and the one good thing from the curry, mint sauce dressing.


Got the kids stopping so I decided to do a pasta dish as as they usually love there pasta. I made my basic bolognese sauce mix. To make it a little different I stuffed in the pasta and Bolognese sauce tortilla chips. Tangy cheese and cool, I then covered it in cheese and baked it in the oven for around 20 minutes.

baked Bolognese sauce topped with cheese and tortilla chips

The top was lovely and brown and the edges of the crispy nearly burnt cheese were ace. Luckily the kids didn’t even want to try them as they look burnt, lucky for me all mine. I served it with more tortilla chips just for some texture and deliciousness.

cheese topped pasta mature cheddar and mozzarella


After my big disappointment of the curry I had bough on Monday I was determined to to make my own. Usually I play table tennis on Thursday but I had a potential client to speak to at 7pm. I had been working all day my wrist hurting even more but I wasn’t going to waste money on a crappy takeaway again. So I started the basic curry sauce whilst I did a little more work. Next I had an email from the website designer stating the client could not make the call until 8pm. Cue a glass of red wine.

curry and rice

Great news for me I got 2 more website to work on and now it was time to finish the curry and pour another glass of wine. Once I had made the base curry sauce I cut up a bit of belly pork I had bought to make pate. (working on recipe now)

Pork Curry

Hot pan and some oil and butter, to that I added chopped garlic, chilli and ginger. Allowed that to fry for a while and then added ground cumin, coriander and ( I forgot lol need to check spices, red wine alert). Once the spices had started to release their flavour I added the pork and turned up the heat high, Once the pork was sealed I then added my curry paste and allowed that to warm through and cook.

Once everything was sizzling in the pan I added a glut of cream to the pan and cooked through. Perfect curry I must confess, or was it the red wine talking and the dissatisfaction from Monday speaking.

onions, garlic ginger, turmeric and oil

The Rice

I think I have mentioned before that I am basically rubbish at cooking rice from scratch so I use microwave rice. My next mission is to perfect the art of cooking rice, I promise :). So out comes the microwave rice and cooked and allowed to cool. I wanted something tangy and tasty to go with my curry so thinking cap and the freedom of the red wine started to work their magic. Frying pan on, oil in pan along with green cardamom pods and almond flakes, and some thinly sliced onion.

Once they were cooked and going slightly brown around the edges I added the rice. Next I added a large knob of butter along with garlic salt, garlic granules and caraway seeds. I remember that bit because I took a photo of the spices, yes I could feel the effects of those couple of glasses of red wine. Oh nearly forgot, just looked at the picture and the reason the rice is that colour. I added mushrooms at the start with the onions, thats why the rice looks dark.


Picking the kids up again and we have table tennis me and boy. Something simple and easy, mini pizza and a freezer raid. Onion rings and chicken nuggets. had the same as them and to say they were not hungry they devoured everything.

chicken liver pate with pork marsala mushrooms and fennel


I wasn’t that hungry as I was still feeling the effects of the red wine from the night before and I had a big sandwich of tongue and pea shoots. I had also made pate today, time away form the computer as my wrist and forearm ache. So I had tasted the pate all through the cooking stages so I was a little full from that as well.


My night for the kids and to be honest as I write this on a Friday night I haven’t a clue what to cook them. Mother is back so im cooking for 5. It turns out mother has bought a quiche so it will be salad stuff

salad and pate with quiche

The kids I am doing baked potatoes with cheese and beans, simply cheap and satisfying. I had some salad, quiche and of course block of my homemade pate. My baked potato I cut into wedges and dusted it with smoke paprika, so tasty crispy and fluffy on the inside.

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So all in all I didn’t spend to much money this week, however I still need to tackle the freezer as its bursting with food. Its just a matter f remembering to take things out the night before. Wish me luck