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First Weekly Food Round Up On Cheap Dinner Ideas

by Karl
weekly food round up

Food For The Week

I decided to do a mini round up of all my recipes of the week because I often get emails and messages on what I have cooked in the week. I say recipes loosely because I often cook with what I have and what is cheap in the shops that day. So the reason I do not post recipes daily is because they are just melody of flavour.

Recipes are just guide lines and you can easily substitute one ingredient for another. Once you know flavour combinations it becomes easier to make mouth watering dishes. Classical flavour combinations are called so as they are liked by the masses. That doesn’t mean you will like them, with endless possibilities your style may be the one thats an undiscovered Classic.

Flavour Combinations

There are classic but don’t be bound by rules and recipes, after all most of the classic recipes were created by accident or obsessive confident people. Maybe confident is the wrong word, perhaps eccentric would be better. So if you like something then put it into a recipe.

never be afraid to experiment with cooking techniques, flavours and combinations. If it all goes wrong and you have some bread and a tin of beans in the cupboard then you are sorted. Or even eggs to make an omelette and throw in all your leftovers from the fridge.

Family Food

Recently I have had a change of circumstances so now I only cook for my 3 kids, 4 times a week. They are fussy little eaters at times but my 12 year old is just starting to explore different foods. She even asked me the other day if she could try mussels and crab. So progress and I am hoping the twins follow suit in their own time as well.

I do try different recipes or side dishes to try and tempt them at meal times and not to get upset when they don’t eat. My childhood was very different.If it was on the table you were expected to eat it all, not like kids today. Perhaps we have become to soft as parents and pander to our children to much. I don’t know really whats the best approach except to show them our love daily.

My Life

Having been a regional service manager for a casino company I spent many hours at work. The work did not even stop when I got home as of course casinos never shut. So I would often get calls from my engineers and casino well into the night. I was made redundant and vowed never to work so many hours again. The important things in life are the ones you love.

I missed so much of the kids growing up. So now I am trying to spend as much time as possible with them. I was a house husband working from home until one day the “do you think we have changed” conversation started. I was no longer loved or needed so I moved out of the family home. Now I do freelance SEO to make a living and spend my free time trying to post recipes people will love. I hope to make it pay as going back to full time employment will reduce the time I have for the kids

Sunday The 9th Of September

I didn’t have the kids for Sunday dinner this week so just me and mum. I popped out to Aldi and grabbed a chicken £2.09 amazing price. Stuffed the chicken with herbs from the garden with lemon and garlic. As the chicken was cooking I think we had some nibbles and in the end didn’t have a Sunday dinner. Just didn’t fancy it so what did I fancy.

sliced chicken covered in a mint and yoghurt sauce with pan fried vegetables in a French stick

I grabbed one of those part baked French stick and placed that in the oven. Made up my mint and yoghurt sauce and topped with some olives (from Aldi). I then used some peppers from the freezer with a few slices of courgette. I then added some garlic to the pan and some soft tomatoes. Seasoned and cooked them for around 5 min for everything to soften. Served with some new potatoes that were intended for the Sunday dinner we never had.


We had smoked gammon (from Morrisons £2.40) with savoy cabbage and potatoes. Simple and deliciously good. The gammon was also used for sandwiches through the week along with the chicken as well.

gammon on a chopping board with a chefs knife, some gammon cubed some gammon as a big piece


There was so much gammon left that for lunch I cubed some gammon along with some cheese. Then added a few chopped capers to give zing and mayonnaise. A simple sandwich. Leftover ham is great for egg fried rice 

gammon and cheese cubed in a white bowl with mayonnaise and cappers, ready to be mixed together

I pick the kids up on Tuesdays after school and I still had some ham left. So I simply made taiggilatlle with cubed gammon. The sauce I made was cream, parmesan cheese with a squeeze of lemon.

the gammon cheese and capers spread onto a slice of brown bread ready to make a sandwich


The kids stop on Wednesday so I always cook more for them as they can be fussy little, well you know what I mean. So it was a quick easy bang the pizza in the oven


My mum went mad and bought some large prawns for me to cook. Yes she can be naughty at times but loves her seafood. I had already got a pack of mussels in the fridge. They are around £1.60 from Aldi. I still had some fresh pasta left, yep you guessed from Aldi as well.

mussels and prawns with pasta and a cream sauce in a dish

The sauce was all mopped up with another treat of a sourdough loaf from Sainsbury’s. Yes it was a little expensive for our dinner tonight.


Bolognese/ Ragu  that trusty Italian crowdpleaser. More often than not we have this probably once a week and there is always some left to pop in the freezer for a quick snack. I used fusilli pasta this time. I had a little bit of the  sourdough bread left so in the toaster it went. Nicely toasted I then rubbed the slices with garlic. Instant garlic bread which the kids love.

I made the Ragu version with chicken stock that makes the dish a little lighter. The photo below is a stock photo and believe me mine doesn’t look as presentable as that when im feeding the kids.

Italian Ragu in a Bowl Traditional Italian Ragu


I didn’t have the kids this Saturday and as it was the weekend we thought we would treat ourselves again. I got from Sainsbury’s a piece of rump steak. £2.50 and there was more than enough for the two of us. Mum had a little bit of salad left and I also grabbed a reduce pack of lambs lettuce.

rump steak sliced on a white plate with lambs lettuce and homemade rosemary and garlic croutons

I still had some of the sourdough bread left (so it wasn’t to bad value £1.60) which I cut up into cubes. Then adding a bit of oil in the pan with some rosemary and garlic, homemade croutons.  The steak I simply covered it in oil and seasoned with salt and pepper and left it in a bowl for an hour to come to room temperature. Pan high heat, throw the steak in maybe 90 seconds each side and allow to rest. Also added some toasted nuts (walnuts, pine nuts).


Well Sunday is going be in my next weekly food roundup. What ever roast I use on a Sunday is then reused through the week to give better value. Each week will be different, some posts may be long some may be a quick description. It all depends on the time I have available in between life.

So please do join me on this weekly journey and if you have some great recipes and money saving tips please do share them with us al. Apologies for some of the photos quality as they are not staged, just the food we eat everyday.

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