Weekly Food Round Up 17.09.2018

Weekly Food Round Up 17.09.2018

This Weeks Eats

I know I started the week with the date for  Monday but or food starts Sunday. Yes everything starts with the Sunday dinner as I always use the leftovers to make other dishes. This Sunday we had pork as I managed to librate a joint of the freezer from my future ex wife. She doesn’t like pork so I haven’t really had that often in the last 24 years. So a rare treat

I know only the second week of posting my weekly round up and its late. I logged in Sunday morning to update the post, well I didn’t actually get logged in. So I contacted GoDaddy for help to get back into my site which nearly ended up even worse. They nearly ruined my site entirely.

Enough of the technical problems, I have now paid for my site to be backed up daily which should cost me less than paying to get it put right.


Do the kids like pork? not sure as they haven’t been allowed to try it that often earlier. I scored the top of the pork added salt an pepper and a little paprika. Of course it would not be Sunday with out a Yorkshire pudding so I made one large one. Peas sweetcorn spud sprouts. we did have some chestnuts as well. The chestnuts were what my mother had bought from Aldi for Christmas but she never got around to using them.

The complicated kids, Pink twin likes sweetcorn, blue twin likes peas and the big one well. She likes sprouts and cauliflower cheese. So Sunday dinner is never a simple affair but its always worth the effort to see the kids tuck in and enjoy their dinner. No I didn’t take any pictures as its always a mad rush to get it onto the plates and served.


Leftover heaven, bubble n squeak with the leftover potatoes and sprouts, more chestnuts. I used up the last of the carrots and the leftover pork was cut into thin slices. Radied the fridge for mushrooms masala and cream. I sautéed off some onions and then added the sliced mushrooms. Once these were nearly cooked I added a splash or marsla wine to the pan. A quick flambé later I added the cream and sliced pork to warm through.

pork marsala


Tuesday are a very busy day with the kids clubs.  so I cheated an had pizza.


I have the kids to stop on Wednesdays so I try hard to cook something they like. All I can remember is baked beans, spaghetti. Wait had a flash back, it was served with sausages and potatoes. The kids and my mother prefer those quite well know sausages with a low meat content. Expensive full of preserving yucky stuff, but that can you do except try to educate them. I prefer sausage with a big meat content from a good butchers.


I grabbed another cheap cut of gammon again and at less than £3.00 its a great budget option. Served with oven roasted new potatoes and roasted root vegetables. the picture does not give credit to the roast veg as deserved. They look a little dull and grey in the picture but the taste was amazing.

gammon on a white plate with roasted root veg

The roasted veg consisted  of celeriac, white scallop squash (don’t bother its not tasty), butter nut squash and some shallots. I also added some sliced peppers to the mix all simply seasoned with salt pepper and a little thyme form the garden. Along side that a mushroom with a little mushroom oven roasted with cheese on the top. I usually cook the ham/gammon with born sugar and honey with I did. From the juice left in the cooking tray of the ham I usually make a sauce. This time I left the ham in the oven a little to long and burnt the bottom of the roasting tray so no sauce.


Got the kids again so something simple, tasty and satisfying as me an boy have table tennis. Baked potatoes, the twins had theirs with baked beans and spaghetti leftover from Wednesday. I had chopped up ham leftover from Thursday

leftover ham cubed on a baked potato topped with cheese



I had the kids to myself as my mother was out with the old folks club. I decided that me and the kids would be having burgers,. Pink twin has never bothered about burgers as she isn’t a great meat fan. However that doesn’t stop her eating all day. So this was the first time she would  be having one, tempted by putting pineapple on her burger.

I grabbed  a whole budget pineapple from Sainsbury’s at the bargain price of 0.80p. So thinly sliced, some for Olivia burger and a few pieces into chunks. These I pan fried with a little brown sugar and some brandy from a miniature from the back of one of her many cupboards.

burger and onion rings

Jake loves onion rings so we had those on the side, Lily likes pigs in blankets and I mangled to get some cheap of course. I made my kebab shop salad to go on top of my burger with some small hassle back potatoes. So in the end we all had a little bit of our favourites.


So nothing particularly outstanding this week, just everyday food as sometimes life just gets to busy. Fingers crossed I will get next weeks post out with a hitch. please do share your ideas, time saving recipes and especially if you save money on your food bills

Find out what I had next week