Weekly Food Round Up 24.09.18

Weekly Food Round Up 24.09.18

Another busy week especially keeping up with clients work (day job) and trying to fix my own site right here on Cheap Dinner Ideas. I was lucky enough to have the kids the whole weekend as my future ex wife had personal family problems.


As we had the kids all Saturday I wanted something simple to shove in the oven. With homework to finish, spelling projects then showers to wash the girls hair. Then they wanted to play another board game. So I opted for chicken again and as its only £2.09 from Aldi you can’t get better value for money.

roast chicken with sprouts on a white plate
Stock photo until I get a good picture

We had the usual veg and Yorkshire puddings. Well I say normal but we did have some Calvo Nero from Aldi, don’t buy it anywhere else as its expensive. I cooked the Calvo Nero with some lemon juice and garlic, yummy.  No photos this Sunday either just another mad rush to get to the table. I must take a5 second break just for one quick snap. Fingers crossed for next week


Monday nights I always feel a little down after the kids have gone back to there mums after I have dropped them at school that is. Its just a little quiet but I suppose the bonus is I can cook what I like. Of course there is some gammon leftover from last week so out that comes from the fridge. Mum wants something simple so I go for fresh tagfiatlle (from Aldi) with chopped cubed gammon.

Tagliatelle with ham olives and black pudding

The next bit is a little naughty, to make the sauce I added a glug of double cream to the pan with grated parmesan. I also add a little spoon of French mustard to the sauce to cut through the cream. It gives an acidic balance to the dairy. I of course added a little more to mine. Lemon olives and black pudding much to the dismay of my mother.


I pick the kids up on Tuesdays and its out to the clubs at 5.15pm to get there around 5.30pm. I have been working most of the day so its a quick cheat again, pizza for the kids. Myself and my mum decided to use some of the leftover chicken from Sunday.

chicken and beetroot omelette

One of the perfect cheap dinner ideas is eggs as an omelette and throw in any leftovers. So to the fridge in search of ingredients for the omelette or is it a frittata now it has so much in it. Chicken leftover from Sunday, Calvo Nero, mushrooms, courgette and beetroot. Of course you have to a little grated cheese on top of your continental omelette. I also had on the side a little of my leftover kebab shop salad as well from my Saturday burgers.


Mum walked in with a pack of lambs liver, yes the freezer is full but she fancied liver. At around £1.00 and probably nearly enough for 4 people its a great cheap meat cut. So liver and something it was going to be. I had some leftover parsnips from Sunday as they came in a pack of 4 but I didn’t want them roasted again. So I sautéed some onions and garlic and diced the parsnips into small cubes and cooked them with the onions for a while. I then added garlic, thyme and then added milk to the pan. Just enough milk to cover everything and season.

lambs liver with masala pureed parsnips and new potatoes on a white plate

Once they were cooked I pureed everything in a blender until nice and smooth. I set that aside to be reheated later. Some simple baby potatoes and then I fried some shallots with mushrooms. Once the shallots/mushrooms  were nearly cooked I added the liver (cut into small pieces so they cooke quicker) a splash of cream. I know I use to much cream but its so easy to make a sauce with it.  Served


Sea Bass, I posted this on Facebook and it didn’t get many views or likes. I am not sure if that was because it was fish or the perception that the sea bass was expensive. Well sea bass can be expensive but on this occasion it wasn’t. I managed to pick up 2 whole sea bass for £2.00. I was going to serve this with a mint pea puree, however no peas in the freezer.

sea bass with pesto

Raiding the freezer I pulled out a selection of root veg, pan fried them and then roasted them in the oven. No peas so I grabbed some frozen broccoli and cooked that in the microwave. Then I toasted some pine nuts, walnuts and then put them into the blender. I also added some mint, parsley and a little thyme from the garden with some olive oil. I then added the broccoli and seasoned to make a pesto type thingy. My mum wasn’t sure but I though it was fab.


Pitta bread pizza. It really is the simple, slash your pitta bread and then stuff it with cheese and what you like. Little boy blue had salami in his and pink ribbons had ham and pineapple. The next time I make them I think I will wrap them in tin foil before putting them in the oven. The cheese had only just melted and the pitta was starting to become very crispy and brittle.

fresh cooked pitta breads stacked on a cooling rack


Thai green curry with a twist

So tonight I am cooking for one, uno just me. The kids are with their mother and my mother who has a better social life than me is also out. So I take the opportunity to make exactly what I want to eat. Well I say exactly but its a bit of an experiment. Thai green curry I feel the need and desire for and I haven’t had or made one in ages. The future ex never did spicy so I rarely cooked it, only on occasion when friends came to dinner would I flash the lemon grass.

cried and fresh chillies

So I want all the flavours of Thai green curry but the sauce, broth I want a little different. So the usual suspects come into play. Ginger, chilli, garlic, lemon grass and coriander. Also thrown into the mix is parsley and peas, rewind ! yes I said peas as I wanted to make the sauce from the peas. It is a bit of an experiment so did it turn out as expected ?

seared beef on a bed of Thai green curry sauce
The Results

No it didn’t turn out as I wanted, the flavours were there but it was the consistency. The sauce had became to heavy and thick, I used creme fresh to make the dish a little healthier in the hope it would thin the sauce. Its back to the drawing board for this recipe. Perhaps I should have gone with my tried and tested curry paste

This next week should be interesting as my mother is away , Home alone and I am going to try and just use ingredients from the freezer and cupboards. It all be difficult as food shopping seems to be my top hobby.